"While our art is typically defined by the paradigm of each particular project, our passion and excitement emerges when we add our own distinctive touch, and the piece suddenly comes to life. Sometimes we find ourselves captivated; sucked-in to the moment of creating, whether it’s carving stone, welding an intricate railing, turning architectural elements into art or putting the final, perfect tone of color on a 28 foot potato. We like to think the male / female dynamic of working together as a couple makes our sculptures unique: contrasting, yet balanced, and love it when our work captures the attention of the viewer, coaxing them to take a closer look and ask questions. The diversity of creating custom art keeps us on our toes and challenges our imagination, and never fails to ignite our enthusiasm!" -C & S 

Chris and Sharolyn Schofield are a design / build / install artist team with almost 30 years of combined experience creating public art and private commissioned works. We specialize in large-scale sculpture and fabrication using various materials: metal, wood, stone, fiberglass, etc. and love collaborating on projects with other craftsmen to make things even more interesting. We sometimes sub-contract out specialty work, but complete much of the fabrication and assembly in our own shop.

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