We specialize in fabricating large scale sculptures and other works made from metal, wood, stone or fiberglass. We also love collaborating on projects with other craftsmen to make things even more interesting! 

Reclaimed / Natural Edge 

We mill our own slabs at our shop, from small shelf sizes to dining and conference room tables up to 5 feet wide!

Big Idaho Potatoes

Yes, potatoes. We've fabricated several giant tubers now...one is traveling around the country on a semi truck, another one glows at night and drops in Boise every New Year's Eve.

Sculpture / Architectural Elements

Everything from residential fireplace accents to commercial climbing gyms, all custom built.

While our art is typically defined by the paradigm of each particular project, our passion and excitement emerges when we add our own distinctive touch, suddenly bringing the piece to life. We always find ourselves captivated, sucked-in to the moment of creating-- whether carving stone, welding details on a railing, polishing a walnut slab table, or applying the final, perfect tone of color on a 28 foot potato.